2018-05-25 16:38:05

The appearance of Volkswagen Tharu is declassified

The appearance of Volkswagen Tharu is declassified

Volkswagen distributed the first portion of the drawings of the compact Tharu, which is named for Tharu people from India and Nepal.

The machine version for China is now being demonstrated, but later the appearance of a novelty is expecting for Europe.

The novelty was made in the form of a rebuilt version of the elongated Skoda Karoq, realized in the China. Tharu's dimensions were in length on 4.453 m, in width - 1.841 m, in height - 1.632 m and the wheelbase was 2.68 m in size.

Perhaps, the Chinese Tharu will acquire two turbocharged petrol engines - 1.2 liters per 116 "horses" and 1.4 liters per 150 hp. The transmissions will be a MCP or a 7-band "robot" for 2 clutches.

The implementation of the model in China begins this August.