2018-05-23 16:31:53

The electric Volkswagen hatchback will take the design of the concept

Volkswagen I.D. pic

In November of the next year, the first serial electric cars will come off the assembly line, one of which will be an electric hatchback I.D.Its cost is comparable to the price of diesel models.

In addition, the chief designer of Volkswagen Klaus Bischoff confirmed that the design of the serial version of the electric hatchback I.D. will be almost identical to the concept car presented in 2016.

According to Bischoff, the proportions, stylistic decisions and even the size of the wheels of the cars will be the same. In general, the serial electric hatchback is similar to the show car, but it will not have cameras instead of side mirrors and door handles with electric drive. Volkswagen specialists have already started road tests of the first I.D. prototypes. They will be used in the "intensive phase of testing the model," which will begin in September this year. Fans actively discuss the novelty and possible equipment. Many celebrate the extraordinary design, which can become a calling card for the new model.

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