2017-01-10 16:31:45

VW: New Flagship Is Expected In America In 2018

Volkswagen Arteon pic

Herbert Diess, the brand chief at VW revealed at the Garden Theatre that the company is going to present 2 new cars a year in the 4 next years in North America.

In this new year the automaker will come up with 2 new SUVs. They will be the new Tiguan and the Atlas. Next year they will be followed by 2 passenger vehicles: the Arteon (the CC’s replacement) and the upgraded Golf.

The first one’s name comes after the conventions of China’s high-end Phideon offering. It hints at the company’s wish to deliver luxury with this model. The Arteon was first teased this past November and it will be showed off in 2017 in Geneva.

After the infamous TDI scandal, the rumours about the VW leaving the North American market have emerged. Though, the producer stayed on the market.

The chief says now that teh North American market is very important to the company’s future. Even though the year was not the best for the producer, management is rather optimistic.

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