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2018-12-30 03:16:40
Toyota Supra is completely declassified

The network received a photo of the reborn Supra. The picture, which appeared on the website SupraMKV, demonstrates a revived novelty without protective camouflage. ​

2018-12-29 13:30:55
Mercedes-Benz G-Class starts own sales

The newest Mercedes-Benz G-Class in basic equipment went on sale. The novelty has got a turbodiesel.​

2018-12-29 13:17:56
Some Volkswagen Golf R, Audi A3, and TT will be withdrawn

The German company Volkswagen launches a revocable company that affects the following models: Golf R, Audi A3, and TT.​

2018-12-29 13:09:56
The new Subaru WRX STI arrives in Detroit

The Japanese company Subaru continues to announce cars that will debut at the Detroit auto show on January 14th.​

2018-12-29 13:09:56
The first Porsche without ICE will receive a Turbo version

The electrification of automobiles presents a certain problem for manufacturers, who usually refer to models according to engine characteristics. It seems that in the future we are waiting for very bizarre names.​

2018-12-28 23:21:14
Mercedes provided the 4-door AMG GT with an aerodynamic body kit

Mercedes-AMG presented an additional aerodynamic body kit for AMG GT 4-Door, which is a competitor to Porsche Panamera.​

2018-12-28 22:55:05
Volkswagen will create power bank for electric cars

Volkswagen told about innovation in mobile charging stations.​

2018-12-28 16:27:18
The Chinese company is preparing a low budget 'Land Cruiser' copy

The legendary SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 200 has never been affordable for people with average and below average earnings.​

2018-12-27 21:43:31
Honda releases a special S660 Trad Leather Edition

To make the Honda S660 even more attractive, the Japanese company launched a special version of the Trad Leather Edition, priced at 85,754 yuan (equivalent to 10,903 euros).​

2018-12-27 20:24:26
Compact Daihatsu Copen Coupe released a limited edition

Daihatsu introduced the Copen Coupe concept car back in 2016 at the Tokyo Motor Show and, given the warm welcome of the public, decided to release 200 units of a small two-door car.​

2018-12-26 23:23:36
Volkswagen has to pay an extra 3 billion euros

'Dieselgate' will cost Volkswagen an additional 3 billion euros for the next two years.​

2018-12-26 16:41:54
Ferrari congratulated everyone on holidays

Ferrari decided to congratulate all their fans, releasing the release of New Year's greetings.​

2018-12-26 16:41:53
Geely will develop an affordable car for competition with Tesla Model 3

Geely showed a designer sketch of the newest electric car, which is positioned as an affordable alternative to Tesla Model 3.​

2018-12-25 13:35:34
New Lamborghini can glow at night

New Italian hypercar awaits debut in 2019. Lamborghini LB48H for the first time seemed this summer only to limited customers. ​

2018-12-24 23:03:49
A new photo of a revived Toyota Supra has appeared

SupraMKV has distributed new spy photos that have declassified the rear body of the revived Toyota Supra.​

2018-12-24 16:47:09
The new Mercedes-Benz G-Class has a diesel engine

Mercedes-Benz presented the diesel version of the new generation G-Class SUV.​

2018-12-24 16:40:23
Jaguar is testing an updated XE

Jaguar took up the road tests of an updated XE sedan.​

2018-12-21 20:31:38
Carlos Ghosn was arrested again by a new charge

Carlos Ghosn was supposed to be released on bail today, but he was detained again.​

2018-12-21 19:19:57
Honda Civic will delight fans with a Versatilist cross-version

Honda Civic hatch will debut in Tokyo next month. ​

2018-12-20 19:00:56
Skoda Superb 2019 tested without camouflage

Paparazzi photos declassified the appearance of the car from Skoda.​

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